Mercé a totis ! thank you to all of you !

Mercé a totis ! thank you to all of you !

Back on the conference[Orfeas, orfanèlas] Orphées, orphelines ou les Musiques au féminin.

On Friday, at the Tarn Departmental Archives, Claude Ribouillault opened the day’s lectures by highlighting those forgotten by music. Marina Pittau transported us to Sardinia in the female vocal tradition and Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec introduced us to the pioneers of ethnomusicology in France: Claudie Marcel-Dubois and Maguy Andral. Bernard Lasbleiz and Marthe Vassallo, from Brittany, recounted two periods: the beginning of the 20th century with Constance Le Mérer and the place of women in the Breton music scene today. Catherine Perrier and Robert Bouthillier depicted singers Louise Reichert and La Bolduc. In the middle of the afternoon, the singer and storyteller Agnès, a denouncer of the status of women, was mentioned, whose comments were collected by Daniel Loddo. There were many exchanges between the interventions.

On Friday evening, in front of an audience of 120 people, amateur and professional singers performed committed, poetic and dancing songs based on a female repertoire.
On Saturday, 25 people participated in the singing workshop led by Marina Pittau while the second day of conferences took place in Albi, starting with Eloïse Durand’s research work on women’s singing in the Soule Valley. Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec spoke about the place of women in traditional Bulgarian music and Anne Caufriez spoke of her immersion in northern Portugal where she was able to hear women’s polyphonies. In the afternoon, passers-by were able to enjoy the show of Pauliteiros de Mirandanças dancers in the pedestrian streets of Albi. Jean-François Heintzen opened the last series of conferences by introducing the folklorist Marguerite Gauthier-Villars. Marine Mazars and Jacques Gourc described the figure of the Trobairitz. Two readings were made, one of the portrait of Léa Saint-Pé, written by Marc Peronne and the other of some Corsican singer figures described by Nicole Casalonga. Cécile Prévost-Thomas concluded this program with a presentation on French-language female songs.

After a further demonstration by the Portuguese dancers and the inauguration of the evening by the elected representatives and personalities present: Laurent Vandendriessche of the Tarn County Council, Bernard Gilabert of the Regional Council, Miguel Costa Vice-Consul of Portugal in Toulouse, a buffet was served to some 200 people. For more than 4 hours, the audience danced and sang to the Brazilian rhythms of the Femmouzes T, the music of Camille en bal and La Talvera as well as the voices of Marina Pittau, Marthe Vassallo and Noluèn Le Buhé.

On Sunday at the Château-Musée du Cayla, more than 100 people came to listen to Marina Pittau and three Portuguese singers from Mirandanças. The Pauliteiros then guided the audience to the Camba Tòrta estate to close this conference with a musical aperitif with the Cantanha choir and the musicians of La Talvera.

The association CORDAE La Talvera thanks you warmly to have participated in the conference Orfeas orfanèlas, orphées orphelines ou les Musiques au féminin.